Biases around PCHS

Are you the type of student that never misses a football game every Friday, but doesn’t conceive the idea of  attending a girl’s volleyball game?


A myriad of students have developed their personal favorite sports teams and clubs that they attend throughout their time in PCHS. The first day students step foot in the high school environment, they are instantly influenced by other students opinions and objections on what sports and clubs are payed the most attention to.


To many students it is clear that clubs and sports are favored more than others by students and faculty in PCHS. “I do personally think there is a wide gap between some sports and others when it comes to publicity,” said Mylie Lenard, a student at PCHS and the sophomore representative, “It really sucks if you think about it.”


The amount of support that students award to many of the boy sports teams vs the girl sports teams are monumental, the difference is distinct. Many sports teams are talked about widely throughout the High School and even in outside settings. Only a few of the sports teams at PCHS have a huge amount of publicity and are discussed among students and faculty, while many of the other sports teams are barely mentioned at all around the school.


For example, girls sports teams get little to no recognition besides being announced once. While many boy sports teams have huge amounts of appreciation. Although, there are also boy oriented sports teams that also deal with a large amount of unappreciation as well.


“Football is just more fun to watch and it’s kind of like a whole school sport,” said Tori Kenton, a sophomore at PCHS. “The whole school can get together, and watch a game, and be with friends.”


Many of the student attention is going to only a few sports while there are also many other sports that should get a huge amount of credit as well. “It kind of makes a lot of sports feel unappreciated especially when they take so much time to practice and train and they barely get any credit.” Sophomore student Morgan Pinkey states.






“I could talk about this forever, it’s totally unfair.” Olivia Netland states, a student and dancer in Dance Company 2. “I just don’t think that people in the school understand that each sport takes the same amount of effort and work to train as the others.” she saids. “I think that each sport should get the same amount of recognition as the others, it’s just really frustrating that only a few sports around the school get all of the credit while many of the other sports get no credit at all even after all of the work that they put in to succeed.”


While many of the sports teams at PCHS don’t seem to get a lot of attention, there are also other activities throughout the school that don’t have as much recognition as well. For example, the band and orchestra programs throughout PCHS are very pristine and are often forgotten about.


“I don’t know…I just feel like the clubs and sports that are talked about the most on the Miner Morning Show end up to be talked about the most by students,” stated by Parker Kvinge a student in her junior year at PCHS.


“I don’t think that the problem is about the lack of people talking about certain sports teams, I honestly think it’s just about the way that students react to the sports and if they care about them or not.” Student and member of the JV soccer team, Remy Eichner states. “Like if a certain sport wins a game and you announce it to the school and it’s a sport that nobody really talks about people could care less, but if it’s a victory of a team that is popular the whole school will be talking about it for weeks, it honestly just depends on whether students like that sport or not.”


“It’s really stupid.” States Morgan Pinkney. “I don’t even play any sports and this pisses me off, people put in so much work to make their team win and if the teams not popular or talked about people don’t care at all.”


“It’s just kind of hard.” mentioned student Jada moulton. “Everybody goes to the sports games that are really advertised but it seems that if nobody is making posters about that game or actually talking about it people don’t show up. ”


However, this issue isn’t just around sports, it can also be found in many of the extracurricular activities at the high school, and also within many of the clubs. At the high school we have a top of the chart music program and also many well known clubs and extracurriculars that provide many opportunities to students, but they are never mentioned and rarely talked about.

There are only a few clubs and extracurriculars that are talked about widely among students even though there are close to 30 clubs around the school. “It honestly doesn’t matter how popular clubs and extracurriculars get, I feel like they will never be talked about as widely as sports in the high school.” States Senior Allie Kenton.


Former principal Bob O’Connor, states that different types of publicity for clubs and sports here is just part of the “tradition of Americana”. He states that “With more sports that have a winning season and success, it will just make people want to jump on the bandwagon for that team.”


However, with all of these opposing opinions going around, it appears to most students that this favoritism issue is not being resolved. “The faculty and I have done many things in the past to help bring more students to sports games that don’t have as big as a crowd…but so far, it just isn’t doing anything,” Mr. Bob O’connor states. Along with solving this issue student and member of the Lacrosse team and the cross country team Dylan Beichner talks about his views on the subject “I think that if there were black out games or color out games or more themed games in general for the girls sports and like all of the other less talked about sports in general I think a lot more people would go to the games.”


Even though some sports teams throughout PCHS don’t have as much attention tied to them, there are a few sports that are heavily advertised around the school, and because of this it brings the whole school together and allows us to exhibit our Miner pride and school spirit to opposing teams.


Overall, there is a bias going around PCHS on what clubs and sports are more payed attention to. Some clubs and sports are noticeably more well known than others. The difference in popularity between the different activities this school has to offer, is very unfortunate.