Park City Boys are the Best at Clubbing for a Decade

The iPhone, The Big Bang Theory, and Michael Bay’s Transformers all launched ten years ago. These legacies shaped the lives of many, but there is another legacy that began around the same time but was lesser known: the Park City High School Boys Golf Team’s championship streak. Unlike smartphones, TV sitcoms, and tired automotive super series, the PCHS Boys Golf Team’s championship legacy becomes more impressive after each winning season..


For the past nine years Park City maintained their title as 3A state champions.  However, this year they continued their streak despite moving up a classification to 4A. At the state competition in St. George they finished in 1st place, a full 13 strokes under Bonneville High School, their closest competition (scores below). Golfer Parker Cutt and three other golfers from different schools tied for 4th with a stroke count of 150.


  1. Park City, 608
  2. Bonneville, 621
  3. Desert Hills, 625
  4. Sky View, 633
  5. Ridgeline, 640


After a full decade of competition, it is hard to maintain perfection.  Not even bad luck derailed the streak. Three sets of completely different student-athletes who played then graduated, and they maintained a streak of wins that would fuel the fires of other teams. This season had the added difficulty of a 4A competition.


When you have a target on your back and are going into your tenth year of victories, it boils down to attitude, an idea embraced by Head Coach George Murphy


“I try to get these guys tournament ready throughout the summer and keep them focused on playing tournaments when we aren’t in season,” said Park City High’s Coach of 13 years, George Murphy. He said they had not changed any of their usual routine and don’t have any special secrets for success.


One factor that has always separated them from the competition is the team-manship and sportsmanship they have.


“The camaraderie is at a different level than other teams,” said coach Murphy. “They are just amazed at how well our kids handle themselves on the course, the way they approach the game, how they get along really well.” Their bond alone does not win tournaments, they still need to work hard during practice.


They also must not only be competitive with other teams, but also within their team. With only six spots available on the PCHS state tournament team, competition increases throughout the season. This pushes the boys during practice and competition to vye for the state team.


Towards the end of the season, after doing well at all of their competitions, the athletes are feeling positive and brimming with about performance. This potential recklessness is countered with the team’s annual trip down to Arizona for a national golfing competition. “It’s a national event so it is good for them to see what kind of players are out there and what teams are out there and it humbles them in a lot of ways.” mentioned Coach Murphy about the event.


The PCHS golf team have had a winning streak the last ten years. As a team, they even moved on to being a 4A school which hasn’t dragged them down. They have persevered in their competitions, and are able to stay upbeat about their sport. Just like ten years ago when multiple legacies rose, the golf team is still standing strong.