Conspiracy Column, Volume Two: Denver International Airport


Denver International Airport, in Denver, CO.

Servicing 58.8 million passengers as of 2021, the Denver International Airport, or DIA, is not only the 5th busiest in the United States but the largest overall by size. Not only is the airport famous for its size and prevalence, but it has also long been the subject of conspiracy theories. Things like “Blucifer” the horse statue, construction budget overruns, the Illuminati, and many, many other things.

DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: 5 facts you didn't know about 'Blucifer' |  FOX31 Denver
Blucifer, at DIA.

Let’s start with “Blucifer,” the airport’s fabled blue mustang statue. The 32-foot, 9000-pound piece stands outside of the airport near a road accessing the airport. Unveiled in 2008, the statue is well known for its blue color and brightly lit red eyes, leading many to believe in its presence as sinister or demonic (get it, Blucifer for Blue-Lucifer). Only adding to that sentiment is the fact that the sculpture tragically fell onto its artist, Luis Jiménez, severing an artery and eventually killing him. Most people who are familiar with and believe in “Blucifers” evil undertones suggest that it represents one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. 

Next, let’s discuss “the catacombs,” a series of tunnels snaking their way underneath the airport that, in their own right, add to the mystery of the airport. Construction of the airport went two billion dollars over budget, leading many to wonder what could have caused such an extreme cost overrun. Rumors swirl that suggests the network of tunnels and buildings that exist under the airport are the reason for the overruns and that they are there to serve, in some cases, the Illuminati, Reptoids, the “New World Order,” aliens, and even Nazis. People speculate that the tunnels were constructed to act as bunkers for the world’s elite in the event of the apocalypse. Allegedly, some believe that DIA is actually home to “Area 52,” another secretive location that possibly houses aliens. 


In Peace and Harmony with Nature - Denver Public Art
“Children of the World Dream of Peace”
In Peace and Harmony with Nature - Denver Public Art
“In Peace and Harmoney with Nature”









In addition to that, DIA is infamous for its creepy, apocalyptic murals and artworks. The biggest culprits are the murals entitled “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” and “Children of the World Dream of Peace.” The former artwork depicts chaos, trees burning, animals and people encased in glass or in coffins, and people fleeing, but also a group of people congregating around an odd plant. Theorists argue that the mural represents an extinction event and the airport’s role as a sanctuary for certain people. The latter painting depicts a soldier in a gas mask surrounded by ruins and tragic scenes of dead children being held in their mother’s arms, while the second part shows the same soldier dead while many rejoice. Again, themes of death, war, and peace are displayed, adding to the airport’s mysterious and troubling atmosphere.

Last but not least, we must address the “New World Airport Commission.” A plaque housed prominently inside the airport has a message that dedicates or credits the airport’s development to a group called the “New World Airport Commission.” The airport itself, interestingly enough, admits to no record of any such organization’s existence. The commission’s name, however, is obviously a nod to the “New World Order” and the Freemason symbols, inscribed into the plaque, are often connected to the Illuminati. 

So yes, DIA is a weird place. And there are only more conspiracy theories, like secret messages on the floor, passageways to NORAD, presidential bunkers, coordinates, and poisons, just to name a few. Many of these hypotheses have been debunked though, but remember to not trust everything you hear.


By the way, there’s a secret message in this article.