Debunking Treasure Mountain’s Rumors


TMJH: not as dangerous as you may think.

Have you heard about the water at Treasure Mountain Junior High causing cancer? Or the bomb shelter? Many stories have floated around the school for the past few decades. Addressing these two rumors, I found the facts.  

The first rumor I was told when asking around was that the water at the school has “hazardous chemicals.” One student stated, “the water at Treasure has lead in it.” After researching, I found that the water at Treasure is provided by Park City Municipal Corporation which supplies safe drinking water for the schools and countless houses in Park City. In addition, the water safety is checked yearly and was last checked on January 17, 2022.

A second rumor,  that “there is a bomb shelter in the band room,” was asserted by another student. This cannot be correct because the school was built in 1982. At that time, there was no need for a bomb shelter and neither is there one today! Thank goodness. Also, in 1940, at the height of WWII bombings, the population of Park City would have been fewer than 4,000 people, making it a less-than-ideal spot for an enemy to bomb. Thank goodness again! Having been in the band room and checking with others, I can safely say there is no bomb shelter. 

As long as everyone has an imagination, and we live in a society with information at our fingertips, we need to be sure we check everything we hear before making any assumptions and jumping to any irrational conclusions.