Halloween on Main Street: A Photo Gallery

As per tradition, Parkites flooded Main Street on Halloween, Monday, October 31. As always, the road was closed off to vehicles so that people could walk about in costumes and trick or treat. As I walked the street, I saw countless babies dressed as pumpkins, dressed-up dogs, and many many Halloween costumes. These are the ones that stood out to me.



90s Throwback!

This absolute legend is wearing a furry neon two-piece set paired with bright green boots – all thrifted from her own closet! This ensemble is straight out of the 90s with its Lisa Frank-inspired pattern and matching bucket hat, a staple 90s trend.

I aspire to have a wardrobe this iconic.






Long live the Queen!

While Queen Elizabeth II might be dead, she still lives on in our hearts, and her fashion statements remain iconic. Here we have a group costume of the Queen’s different outfits (which you might recognize if you’ve seen The Crown) that she wore throughout her reign, complete with bright-colored ensembles and two corgis.

Slay, Queens!





Yogi Bear, Boo Boo Bear, and Ranger Smith!

Inspired by the 1960s cartoon The Yogi Bear Show, these three are dressed as the main characters: Yogi Bear, the mischievous and amusing brown bear; Boo Boo Bear, his sweet, oblivious friend; and Ranger Smith, who is always putting a stop to Yogi’s antics. Love to see someone is nostalgic for the good ol’ days.






He’s a National Treasure!

Now, at first glance, all I saw was the Declaration of Independence — which is a fantastic costume in and of itself. Very Patriotic. However, I was later informed that the guy was dressed as Nicolas Cage’s character Ben Gates from the movie National Treasure, in which he steals the Declaration of Independence to find a hidden treasure. 

Not sure what that symbolizes of their relationship (should she have dressed as the treasure?) but I love the costume!




Princess Leia and Han Solo!

This couple is dressed as Star Wars’ iconic couple Leia and Han Solo, they need no introduction nor explanation. It’s a wonderful costume choice, a staple of American culture, and easily recognizable to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past fifty years.

I hope their love story doesn’t end like Han and Leia’s.