Student Creates Business KeenResults


A KeenResults poster in the school hallway.

Keenan Carlson is a current junior in Park City High School who has started a business that helps students get quick jobs around town. 


The business KeenResults will be an online funnel that will notify students when a small job opens up. Some of those jobs include snow shoveling, house sitting, pet sitting, tutoring, and many more. Students then will be able to accept the job or wait until a new one pops up. 


Carlson created KeenResults because he saw that there was a low supply of people performing simple daily services.


“I thought that it was really important for young people to contribute to the community by providing services,” said Carlson.


Pay will depend on what jobs the students take and how many hours they work.


“We seek to connect young contractors with consumers as easily as possible. We value efficiency and clarity when working with customers. We aspire to evolve with the workforce as it changes, as to make the world a better place,” said Carlson.


KeenResults will launch in about the next month.