Open Mic Night at O’Shucks

On Wednesday, April 27, O’Shucks held an open night mic for PCHS students.  Any student who wanted to perform could do so.  Admissions cost ten dollars, and the event ran from five to seven in the evening.  The proceeds went to Wish Week, a school event that raises money for children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Below are photos of the event!

The band Smol Monkee playing. From left to right: Charlie Maulding (drums), Jonas Watkins (guitarist/singer), Moss Beacum (bassist).
Jonas Watkins during his performance.
Lucas Infurchia playing guitar.
Lucas Infurchia during his performance.
Zachary Minter playing guitar.

Logan Thorton.

Zane Jenson playing Saxophone.
The band Portraits playing. From left to right: Marcus Rung (guitarist), Derek Rhys (guitarist/singer), Logan Poultan (bassist). (Not pictured: drummer Tyler Kaufman.)
Marcus Rung playing guitar.
Marcus Rung and Derek Rys.