“Two Nights of One Acts” Performance Approaches


Zach Minter, Reporter

The Park City High School Theatre Productions class is hosting their “Two Nights of One Acts” showcase at 7 pm on both March 18th and 19th. Tickets are five dollars for adults and three dollars for students. 


The showcase consists of three different one-act plays and one five-minute skit, all of which will be performed both nights.  The one-act plays are shorter than traditional plays at forty-five minutes to an hour long. The plays are The Most Dangerous Game, Death of a Dead Guy, and Murder Well Rehearsed.  The skit is called Operation TV.


“It is a project for my [Theatre Production] students, where they pick their one-act [plays], they apply for rights, they budget, they direct, they design, everything,” said the Theatre Production teacher Krischelle Hansen. 


The project is used as a learning tool to introduce students to the various tasks necessary to put on a theatre performance. The class was separated into groups of various sizes to tackle almost all aspects of production, and in mid-March, present their work. 


“This is an important aspect to theatre… in other theatre classes they teach you how to act… but then there’s also the aspect of what goes into making a production, and managing money, and managing budgets, and people and schedules,” said Hansen. 


Not everything went smoothly though, as production did run into some roadblocks along the way.


“In every one act there have been a few disagreements amongst the cast members… sometimes groups can get a little bit sidetracked but we’re usually able to get over it,” said Lila Stein, one of the students in the class. 


She remarked though that the overall experience of producing one-acts was enjoyable.


“Including myself, I think we’ve all enjoyed it a lot because it teaches you a lot of stuff about producing shows, and budgeting and stuff like that, it definitely had its challenges but that’s part of the learning experience,” said Stein.


The department feels that the project offers a lot for both the students in the class and also for the general high school community. 


“It’s just a really fun time, you get to see all these cool shows, you can see everybody showcase their talents, and also it just shows support for a department that doesn’t always get the support that it deserves for all the work that we put in,” said Stein.


“People should come and watch this showcase because [of] its variety… There are four different shows that people might enjoy, but also to come and support and see the work that Park City students can do,” Hansen said.