Dear Isaiah Advice Column

Dear Isaiah Advice Column

Dear Isaiah, 

What is the point of this?  

Dear Confused Miner,

Honestly, I was really bored writing normal news stories plus I love giving advice! 

Regards, Isaiah


Dear Isaiah, 

What can I do to help ensure students of LGBT can feel safe at school?

Dear Concerned Individual,

Feeling safe in school is very important. If you ever see or hear anything that could cause harm or pain to anyone, stand up, make a change, and maybe—if you’re comfortable—kindly educate them as to why their comments could be hurtful. You can also join GSA or talk to your friends who are a part of the community about the best way to support them. Most importantly, just don’t be a rude son of a gun.

Best, Isaiah


Dear Isaiah. 

Why does the month of January just suck so much? 

Regards, a person who is very tired of the month of January

Dear person tired of January,

January is filled with way too many expectations because of New Year resolutions, plus we go back to school and everyone is tired because we slept in for two weeks.  And it’s cold.

Feeling the same, Isaiah


Dear Isaiah, 

I like noodles a lot.

Dear Noodle Lover,

No way me too! Looks like we have something in common! 😉

Love, Isaiah


Dear Isaiah, Why can’t we have nap time in school?

Dear sir (or whomever), 

We should have nap time in school. Our school system dates back to the Industrial Revolution, so it modeled the structure of industrial factories and didn’t focus on the health of students. Today, we are more focused on our health and the effectiveness of our education system. Extensive research shows teenagers need more sleep. We want more sleep, we must have more sleep, we demand more sleep! Nap time in school would help, and might even increase students’ mental health and academic performance. We should band together as a united student front and demand the educational bourgeois (the administration) provide a dedicated time for rest during the school day. (In the meantime I recommend going to sleep earlier.)

Yours Truly, Isaiah


Dear Isaiah, 

How can I pass my anatomy class?

Regards, an F student in anatomy

Dear an F (soon to be A) anatomy student,

The HOSA club has free anatomy tutoring most Tuesdays in Ms. Purzycki’s room, so I’d definitely check that out. Also I’d talk to someone who is in the class or someone who has already taken the class (and done well) and ask them to  help you study. Lastly, I’d meet with your teacher and ask them to clarify some concepts you’re confused about.

Sincerely, Isaiah (AKA someone passing anatomy)


Dear Isaiah, How can I tell a guy to stop asking me out without being too brash?

Regards, A Non-Romantic

Dear Non-Romantic,

Sometimes people don’t understand so you need to make it clear and if you are apologizing, you need to stop. So instead of saying “sorry no” say “no.” Make it clear that you are not interested. I know that it’s hard to try and stay nice especially if you are friends but sometimes you need to be a little harsh making sure that they know you don’t want to go out with them.

Good Luck, Isaiah


Dear Isaiah, What’s the down side of eating a clock? Its time consuming.

Dear Clock Enthusiast,

Why was the clock so bored? It had so much time on its hands.



Dear Isaiah,

I want to know if I should tell the girl I like how I feel. I want to tell her but I’m afraid it’ll ruin our friendship.

Dear Friend,

Honestly just tell her! The worst that can happen is that she will say no. Say that you don’t want to ruin your friendship but tell her that you have feelings for her. If it doesn’t work out, then you will still have her as a friend. 

Wishing you the best of luck! (YOLO)