Test to Stay Information


Students lining up for testing on Friday.

Kate Beal, Editor-in-Chief

Park City High School has implemented a Test to Stay program, where all students are tested for COVID-19.  The school passed the state-mandated threshold for testing on Thursday, January 6th, with 58 cases.  In schools with less than 1500 students, like PCHS, the state requires Test to Stay programs if there are 30 or more cases.


The testing began on Friday, January 7th.  The students who tested positive for COVID-19 returned home to learn online.  They must stay at home for ten days, or until they submit a negative test result to the school.


The school emailed parents a consent form on the Wednesday prior.  The students whose parents did not consent to the testing will not remain at school.  They must also stay home until they submit a negative test result, or until ten days have passed.


Students who miss the testing on Friday must be tested within two days and show proof to the school.  At-home tests are not accepted.


“The principals have been working with the teachers to provide means for education to continue even if a student is needing to do remote learning for a very short time,” said Park City School District Human Resources Director Shad Sorenson.  “So they have some lesson plans and materials available for them.”


Students who are in isolation during the Test to Stay event, quarantining at home, doing full-time remote learning, or unable to test due to a documented health issue do not have to participate in the program.


Teachers and staff at the school are not required to be tested, but may if they elect to do so.


Unlike last year, there is no threshold of cases that would require the school to move entirely to online learning.


“The County, however, is closely monitoring case-counts at all County schools, and reserves the right to enact additional safety measures—including closing the schools—as the situation warrants,” said Michael Tanner, Chief Operations Officer of the Park City School District.  “Similar County oversight led to the recent enactment of the County-wide mask mandate under Public Health Order 2022-01.”


Tanner added that the district will increase its sanitation levels, including the use of UV/HEPA treatment at suspected hotspots.


Students who have been in contact with another student who tested positive will not be required to quarantine.