Park City High School Implements Test to Stay Program

Park City High School has implemented a Test to Stay program, where all students are tested for COVID-19.  The school passed the state-mandated threshold for testing on Thursday, January 6th, with 58 cases.  In schools with less than 1500 students, like PCHS, the state requires Test to Stay programs if there are 30 or more cases.

The school called students down to the gym for testing alphabetically by last name throughout Friday, January 7th.  If students tested negative, they returned to class.  Teachers tested for COVID-19 after school.

Below are photos of the testing with details about the process.

Students checked in, received a testing kit, and went to a testing station.
Students tested at three different stations in the gym.
At their testing station, students swabbed their noses and handed the swabs to the testers, who used them in the student’s testing kit.
The testers waited for the student’s testing kit to show if the student tested positive or negative.
Students waited for their results in the gym bleachers.
After a varying wait time, faculty would call out a student’s name, and tell them their test results.