Go Get a Shaka Bowl!

Senior Ava Honigman getting a Shaka Bowl

Senior Ava Honigman getting a Shaka Bowl

Lindsay Benedek, Web Designer

Do you have A lunch? Do you have B lunch? Whatever the case is, you’re probably hungry and looking for somewhere to eat. Lucky for you there is an answer. 

It’s popular to go out for lunch if you have the means to drive, and if you don’t you often find someone that does. There are many options that you can choose from. You can go to Subway, Alberto’s, Wasatch, Burger King, Starbucks, and more. Although these are all good options, there is one that was not said and that is the famous, drum roll please, The Market. The Market is a grocery store and restaurant in one and even has a coffee shop inside. While all of this is amazing, nothing else inside the store beats the beloved Shaka Bowl Stand. What is a Shaka bowl you may ask? It is three layers of goodness: rice on the bottom, cabbage mix in the middle, and your choice of chicken or spicy pork on top. Oh, and of course two or three potstickers on top. 

A survey taken by students at PCHS says that roughly 18% of students have tried a Shaka bowl and 82% have not, and this is just outright ridiculous.

Abbey Cobleigh, a senior at Park City High school, has often bought Shaka bowls for lunch…

“They’re honestly one of my favorite foods. . .ever. Everyone needs to try them,” Cobleigh said.

Not everyone is as passionate about them as Cobleigh is but nevertheless they are liked.

PCHS senior Kyle Sincock said, “they’re alright.” 

If you’re not yet on your way to get a Shaka bowl right now, you will be once you hear about the sauces. 

You aren’t eating a shaka bowl if you don’t dress your rice, chicken, and cabbage with any or all of the five sauces they provide. The sauces are ranked according to spiciness, ranging from  -1, 3, 5, 10. They also offer their trademark House sauce.

“My favorite sauce is, well, all of them!” said PCHS senior Giselle Zarco.

It cannot be debated that the sauces are what make the Shaka Bowls so good, but all the employees will remind you that doing the “Shaka Shake” (as they like to call it) is the most fun part. What this means is that once someone is done putting the sauces in their bowl, they will get a lid and then secure it, being careful not to spill, and shake as hard as they can to blend all the ingredients together. 

Finally, to top it all off, the potstickers are added and your Shaka Bowl is finished and ready to devour. 

Not much more needs to be said except “go get a Shaka Bowl right now!!” if you haven’t already, they are located in The Market and are open every day except Sundays. Enjoy!