NHS Food Drive Begins


Kate Beal, Editor-in-Chief

The National Honors Society (NHS) at Park City High School (PCHS) started its annual food drive this week, and the NHS members are asking students and staff to bring food and other supplies to donate.  The food drive will continue until December 17, the last day before winter break.


NHS is asking students to bring their donations to their 2W class.  To increase participation, NHS has made the food drive a competition between the classes.  Students can collect points for their classes by bringing in supplies.  To see the point chart for the different kinds of donations, click here.  The class that gains the most points wins a pizza party.


“I think [the food drive] kind of brings out the best competitiveness in people,” said NHS Tri-President John Tiranno.  “When you get competitive for something that’s truly meaningful, like feeding people, I just think that’s a really cool thing.”


The donations are given to the Park City Christian Center (PCCC).  The PCCC will distribute it around Park City, Heber Valley, and the Native American Reservation.  In addition to stocking the Christian Center, the food drive also stocks the food for the Peace House that lasts for several months.


This food drive is the largest in the state and aims to collect 35,000 pounds of food.  Last year NHS collected 26,000 pounds.


“We’re in a really good position,” said Tiranno.  “We’ve worked really hard and all our members are working really hard, so I’m just excited to see what happens.”


NHS members will also be going to grocery stores and neighborhoods to ask for more donations.  For the first time this year, the food drive is district-wide, so NHS is partnering with Treasure Mountain Junior High School (TMJH), Ecker Hill Middle School, and the local elementary schools to raise as much food as possible


They are also working with Interact Club, Student Council, and National Junior Honors Society (at TMJH).


“When everyone gets involved I think it’s super fun so we’re trying to get even the community involved,” said NHS Media Director Alex Katz.


On December 17, at the end of the food drive, the members of NHS will meet in the lunchroom to transport all the supplies to the PCCC.