Sports For Dummies


Andee Lyons, News Editor

During the Miner Morning Show, when we’re updated on sports events, I never know what they are talking about. To give you a heads up on what I know about sports, I just learned what a touchdown is this year. But, I am here to give you my understanding of what is happening during high school sports games.


I like to think of volleyball as that game you play when you’re little, you know, the one after a party where the goal is to not let the balloon touch the ground (we all know we still play it).


The players have their spots on the court and pass the ball back and forth until it touches the ground. Hopefully, the ball doesn’t touch on the side with the people from our school, or else we don’t score the point.


Why do people say “we” when talking about a sporting event in school anyway? It wasn’t you who played, was it?


I know there are many different positions in football, I don’t know what they do but here’s the ones I know: defense, offense, running back, linebacker, and of course the beloved quarterback.


The only experience I have with the positions in sports is when I played soccer when I was little and I don’t think I even finished one season. I was on defense or something but I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I always pretended to be really tired to get my coach to call me off the field. I then went to sit on the sidelines and ate all of the snacks.


Anywho, my understanding of a touchdown is when a player catches the ball and runs it to the end of the field with the fork-looking things.


I don’t know any other rules, but I do wonder why they call it “foot”-ball. The only thing the players do with their foot, is kick the ball for a point. Soccer should be called football and football should change its name to something like oval ball or handball.


Football reminds me of spiders, it is a sport but there is nothing really like it. Just like how spiders are still a bug but their own kind of bug.


I could give updates on Park City sports, but there are more “qualified” writers who know more about what is going on in the world of sports. They will do a much better job explaining.


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