Monday Early Release Discontinued


Andee Lyons, News Editor

During the 2020-2021 school year, the school added early release on Fridays, in addition to early release on Mondays.  This schedule was originally created because the school wanted the remote students to be able to come in and get help from teachers without having to come into contact with very many people.  Partly because of the Friday schedule’s success, the school is discontinuing early release on Mondays this year.


Tracy Fike, the assistant principal, explained that because Treasure Mountain Junior High and the high school were the only buildings with early release on Mondays, the early Friday schedule was better for staff meetings.


Monday early release schedule “made it difficult for any of us to have district wide meetings on any day because we didn’t share a common early release period. [The Friday schedule] gives us more of an opportunity for professional development, and time with teachers for students.”


Fike also mentioned how the Friday schedule will probably continue permanently, saying “as far as we know this is what the district adopted, this might be a trial year to see how this goes, assuming it goes well I think it will continue forward.”


It seems as though the students here are liking this bell schedule better as well. Molly Hase, a senior here at Park City High, explained that she likes the new Friday schedule because students are still able to learn, but in less time.