NHS Memorial 5K


Josh Baniewicz

Next week, the National Honors Society (NHS) will start its yearly Memorial Day 5k. 


Typically, this event is run on Memorial Day and features the track on Dozier Field for both the start and end of the race. Due to COVID, this year’s Memorial 5K will look a little bit different. 


We are asking people to go out and get pledges from the community based on how many miles they pledge to run,” said Senior Representative of NHS Aidan Cannon.


Throughout Memorial Week which takes place from May 17th to May 24th, members of the NHS are running their pledged amount of miles in order to raise money for different programs and charities. 


“All the money that we raise is going towards building a home in Nicaragua for a family and also some other non-profit organizations,” said Cannon.


These non-profit organizations include Labs for Liberty, Students Serving Soldiers, the Homeless Youth Center in Salt Lake, and community scholarships for graduating seniors. 


NHS members are reaching out to the community getting small amounts of donations for each mile that they pledge to run.


The National Honors Society has set a goal for each member to raise a minimum of $150. Many members are going above and beyond with this goal including the Advisor of NHS George Murphy and Cannon who have already raised $500 and are continuing to add to the total.


Even though the Memorial Day 5K won’t look the same this year, the importance of this event remains the same.