Final Quarter, Final Changes

Final quarter changes for students to choose in-person or remote.


Kyle Cummings, Reporter

The administration at Park City High School has decided on changes for the final quarter involving the remote and in-person learning being put in place on March 15th, 2021. How will this change affect student learning and schedules?


PCHS school administrators came together to reform the remote and in-person learning schedule. Starting 4th quarter there will be no options to split remote and in-person classes for one school day. Students must choose whether to do in-person or remote for full school days. 


If a student is currently enrolled in both in-person and remote classes on one school day, they will be required to switch to only one of the two for that specific day. It is still possible to have a full remote one day and in person the other day, but splitting your time is no longer allowed.


“A lot of it is just based on what’s going on with covid in the community, our numbers have been looking good so the transmission isn’t as high as the county and everything so we felt like this was the time to kind of reign back.” said assistant principal Tracy Fike on why this new plan is going into place.


But how will this affect students? Many students don’t want a change in the schedule because they are used to the way it works now. “I

would just keep it the same because my current schedule works best for me. I bet there’s a bunch of other kids who feel the same.” said senior Tyler Thornton, who will be affected by the switch.


Students will have to change their schedule and it may not only affect the student. “I’m just so used to my current routine and my parents are too, so it’s gonna be harder on them than it is on me.” Said junior Ocean Stubbs after being asked about the change. Many students may feel this way as they have held a routine for the entire year.

This change may have some benefits for the teachers as they don’t have to worry as much about students coming late because of the student splitting remote and in-person. It also aids the teachers by getting more students to be in person so they have less work to do for remote students. 


Although this change appears to be rough, it is a great opportunity to add a sense of normality back into the lives of students without as many limitations of COVID. It may also benefit the overall education of students as they have to commit to one or the other type of learning style. Remote or in-person, this change will hopefully move our school forward towards a more normal school environment for the students who are returning for next year, which is anticipated to be fully in person.