Jazz Bands to Livestream Performance


Brewster Hutchinson, Reporter

Live stream link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pMQombNcOk&feature=youtu.be 

On Thursday, March 4th, three jazz bands will be performing in the Eccles Center, hosting their first live performance since the initial COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. 

This performance specifically is a big deal, as the community has not had many chances to hear from our band program. This show can finally be seen by some people in-person. 

The concert will take place at 6:30 PM, running until about 8:00. Three bands will be performing: The Treasure Mountain jazz ensemble, JV jazz, and the Varsity jazz ensemble. Tickets are not on sale to the public, but the show can be viewed via live stream at this link: 


Each student performer was given two tickets to give out to their family and friends due to COVID protocol and keeping everyone safe

and distanced. The maximum capacity for the Eccles Center is up to only 180 people. 

High School Band Director Chris Taylor is tremendously excited for this upcoming show and for his students to showcase their work to a live audience. 

“Music is something designed to be shared with people, and right now, it’s one thing when we share it with each other, in class, and it’s nice, but they’re itching – I’m itching – to get them out in front of people. They want to be heard,” said Taylor.

This concert will be a little different in comparison to years past as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taylor explained how the setup might look a little odd, however, the sound will remain the same, thanks to the number of microphones and speakers. 

Taylor is also hopeful that live band performances will continue into the spring and the end of the school year, although it may be more difficult with larger bands. The jazz ensembles only consist of 17 to 18 students per ensemble, so it was relatively doable for this to be done.

Band-a-palooza is a district-wide concert that has been played in years past in the high school gym. It’s composed of every band player in the district, from 6th graders at Ecker Hill to high school seniors. This year, however, it will not be possible to have that happen. There are simply too many kids and not enough space anywhere for it to happen. 

The day before the concert, JV and Varsity jazz will be recording their pieces for adjudication for Region Jazz, which is online this year. Taylor, along with many others, wishes this could be an in-person event. 

“[I’m] excited about that, wish we could be there in person, cause you know, our varsity jazz band has a reputation in the state,” said Taylor. 

Each ensemble will play three or four pieces each. The Treasure Mountain ensemble will play four: Four Brothers, Ballad for a Blue Horn, and Recorda Me, along with one more closing rock tune by Gordon Goodwin. JV will play a piece called Wombat Combat, a ballad called Sao Paulo Nights, and close with a tune called Tailormade. Varsity will open with Raw Bones, then a piece named Blue, and closing with La Frutos de Sasano. Taylor mentioned that varsity may end up playing one other surprise piece. 


To watch the performance, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pMQombNcOk&feature=youtu.be