Anonymous Donor Makes Extracurricular Dreams Come True


Molly-Mae Sims, Reporter

The Park City Community Foundation (PCCF) received an anonymous donation for high schoolers to participate in spring extracurricular activities and sports that PCHS offers to students, known as the RISE Fund.


Community Impact Manager for the PCCF Sarah MacCarthy stated “The goal is to build equity and inclusion in greater Park City and RISE Fund is a great example of how that is happening at Park City High School.”


This donor is here to help Park City students get into sports that they normally might not do because of cost. There is no solid amount of money that the donor gave, but if a student needed it, then they would have access to that money.


Athletic and Activities director Jamie Sheetz announced that “Any student that is in need of funding, to participate in a sport or an activity [extracurricular] it’s going to be available.” 


In the Park City School District, 23% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Roughly, that is a family of four earning less than 50,000 dollars a year. Though, some families who don’t qualify for the free and reduced lunch program can still be excluded from full participation in sports and extracurriculars due to the financial situation in their household.


The average range for sports and extracurricular activities at PCHS can range from 300 to 1,500 dollars. One of the most expensive sports at PCHS is cheerleading, partially because cheerleading is a year-round sport.


 “Through its funding, the RISE Fund aims for extracurricular high school programs to include all Park City students both in socioeconomic status and racial/cultural diversity by ensuring cost is not a limiting factor for students who wish to participate in sports or clubs at PCHS.” MacCarthy said, “The RISE Fund has an opportunity to create access for students whose families are facing financial hardship.”


In the midst of a pandemic, the RISE fund gives hope to many students at PCHS. Especially the families that have been affected by unemployment, health issues, and financial constraints. Since March 13th, 2020, many students have become isolated from their peers, and have feelings of loneliness, depression, and fear.


The RISE program will help with socialization and bring back some normalcy to student lives. Many students have missed face to face interaction and a team environment.


Student Council Member, Sheccid Mejia Villanueva said “It will impact students because they have some sort of way to express themselves. With sports, it’s an outlet.”


Taking part in the school’s extracurricular and sports will reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety and improve mental health. The RISE Fund will give opportunities to all students to participate in our new normal.