Park City’s Newest Hotspot; Cupbop and Ramen 930


Emma Ratkovic, Reporter

Park City opens a new restaurant in Kimball Junction, Cupbop, and Ramen 930. However, there’s a catch. This restaurant is quite unique, as it has two separate restaurants in one building.


The idea of combining two restaurants is an uncommon concept for many residents in the Park City area, but Cupbop and Ramen 930 are proving that conception wrong. The restaurant is located in the Kimball Plaza, in Park City, Utah. 


With the continuous growth of new Park City residents comes the demand for more restaurants. The facility containing Cupbop and Ramen 930, which opened on November 11, 2020, serves not only Korean food but also Japanese. 


Marketing Director Yeiri Kim said that “Cupbop is a rice, and ramen is a soup, in the Asian community, we feel as though rice and soup match well with each other, so we felt like it would be a good idea to combine these two brands into one restaurant.”


Kim also explains that Park City is a perfect location for athletes and tourists alike to quickly grab their meals and go. 


Staff members need to be trained in both Cupbop and Ramen 930 preparation and distribution. While there are separate Cupbop and Ramen 930 locations around the country, staff members feel as though it is important to keep the two restaurants together in Park City so that the training process doesn’t have to be altered for new employees.  


According to Kim, the most popular dish amongst Cupbop customers is the beef, spicy pork, and chicken combinations. Rock Bop, a combination of fried chicken with Korean barbecue is a growing favorite of many customers. This meal allows consumers to experience Korean culture, especially since fried chicken is widely popular in the Korean community.


As for Ramen 930, the Black Garlic Pork meal is another popular hit among many customers. 


As many people are wary about going out during these unprecedented times, staff members have made sure to explore other accommodations for those who wish to participate. 


With the spread of COVID-19, Cupbop and Ramen 930 have allowed for extra safety precautions in order to keep their customers safe. Indoor seating is closed in order to regulate the spread of the virus. Delivery, as well as pick-up options, are available in order to eliminate exposure of COVID-19. Customers can call, order through the website, or use other delivery options such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and even DoorDash. 


Masks, as well as social distancing requirements, are mandatory at all locations. With COVID-19 vaccines being distributed, Cupbop and Ramen 930 locations hope to open indoor seating very soon. 


“Through these restaurants, we can expand our great impact on the community, you will love our food,” said Kim.