Short Friday Schedules, Let’s Keep Them


PC Prospector Staff

In a time of high stress for people all over the world, including the Park City High School community, a solution in response to this stress is a shortened Friday allowing students to be released from school at 11:30.

Quarter 2 has been the test run for early out Fridays to see if it’s the right fit for both teachers and students. Last week, the administration sent a survey out to the PCHS community trying to get an idea about the opinions on early out Fridays.

With this decision up in the air on whether to continue this method, the PC Prospector Staff is in support of keeping shortened Friday’s for the rest of the year.

Although class time is lost with the change, the benefits outweigh the negatives. The time that teachers lose with students on Fridays is time gained after school that helps them plan for their schedule for the coming week.

The extra time helps teachers catch up with ungraded assignments. Instead of spending extra time at school to make sure that remote students are on track and keeping up with their work, teachers can use their extra time on Fridays to send out emails and connect with any students that are struggling to keep up.

For students, Friday is a day that they are able to look forward to. Getting out at 11:30 allows students to have well-earned time off and catch up on any work they need, giving both students and teachers enough time to take quizzes, or go in for reteaching. Additionally, teachers have time to help their remote students catch up.