PCHS Seniors Battle to Avoid Falling Down the Senioritis Rabbit Hole

Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

Elena Polychronis

When you are going through school and growing up, the end is never really in sight. Sure there are summer breaks, and weeks off of school here and there throughout the year, but as a senior there is a very clear end in sight.

Senioritis is a condition in which seniors in high school lose all motivation to go to school, and their performance in school declines. A lot of people take senioritis as a joke, but I can attest that it is in fact a real thing.


 The very beginning of the school year isn’t too bad because there is the excitement of finally being a senior. There are football games, homecoming, and much more at the beginning of the year that makes it easy to be excited about being a senior. Then comes winter break where we have two weeks off.


At this point, many students are into the colleges they applied to, and have somewhat of an idea of what they are doing next year. There is only one semester left, but it feels like an eternity.


It is hard to continue to have motivation to go to school and try your hardest when you are already accepted into college. High school helps set students up to get into college, and once you’re in, it is easy to start trying a little less, and not being the same student you have been in the previous years.

“I am already into all the schools I applied to, so why should I have to come to school every morning and deal with waking up early and the stress of highschool when I already am enrolled in college,” said senior Ally Behrens.


This is a popular opinion throughout the class of 2020 at this point in the school year.


Senior Lauren Hoglin said, “I have always been very motivated to do my best in highschool and going to school every day and even for a student as invested as me, senioritis is hitting hard. I have noticed such a big decline in how much I care about how I do in school.”


This point of the school year has many seniors being affected by senioritis. Sure there are a few more exciting things left of senior year such as prom, pep rallies, but most importantly GRADUATION!


So to the class of 2020, only four and a half more months of highschool, so make the most of them and try to beat senioritis!