Horoscopes: Aquarius Season 2020


Lucia Auerbach

As Aquarius season begins this Friday, January 24th, the energy around will start to transform into eccentricity and to have stronger personal relationships. Aquarius season is known for humanitarianism and more inclinations to be social. Generally, Aquarius season maintains a positive reputation for all signs, but check out what is in store for your individual sign below.



Unfortunately, this season is not going to be incredibly transformative, Aries. Be cautious around new information and strive to guarantee honesty. Appreciate your point of view this season but be cautious, focus on your goals and how you can achieve them. 



The spotlight is on you this season, Taurus. Well, not really, this is Aquarius’s time to shine. But you can reap some of the benefits. The path to your goals will feel less restricted but maintain a motivation to complete them. The biggest obstacle to your goals is your mindset. Become more open to opportunity. 



Prosperity will come your way this season, Gemini. Focus on internal reflection in order to tap into your potential. Focus on your goals by investing time and energy into what you are passionate about at the moment. Take moments for yourself and try to become comfortable with your independence. 



Be prepared, Cancer, for this month, will be full of surprises. Be sure to find the silver lining, however, negativity does not always need to be the most present energy. Focus on various forms of income this season. Whether it be financial, emotional, or social. Do not let worries preoccupy your mind.  



Aquarius season is time for social connections. Leo, act upon this. Resolve any communication conflicts, only you have the power to do so. Avoid unnecessary frustration this season. Roads may often have potholes, do not be afraid of them. See them ahead and steer clear to continue on the path to your goals. 



While Aquarius season may be the time for social time, be sure to focus on work productivity. Lack of understanding will be the biggest problem this season. Be sure to comprehend, no matter how difficult it might be. Clear thinking will lead to a positive outcome. 



The time of struggles has surpassed, Libra. This new season is characterized by strength and resilience. Take some time to reflect on the past couple of months and recognize the true strengths you have developed since. Use these strengths moving forward to create a new chapter of personal goal exploration.



Scorpio, be cautious this season. Negativity may be apparent, but a silver lining can also be found. Take a step back to avoid becoming consumed by disorganization and stress, no matter the environment. Focus on your foundations this season, whether it be based upon goals, social, home, or work environments.



Capitalize upon the social energy Aquarius season provides, Sagittarius. Focus on developing relationships and making the most of deep, personal connections. Take advice seriously, no matter who it comes from, but keep your own personal goals intact. 



Visualize your values this season, Capricorn, and do not let go of them. Follow your soul and it will lead you in the right direction. Regarding both goals and relationships, be true to what you believe is right and do not become fazed by uncertainty. 



Happy birthday, Aquarius! This is your season to shine. Pay attention to what you have been afraid of, now is the time to conquer that fear. Be up to the challenges that you have faced. Take this time to reflect on how you feel. Are you rested? Are you energized? Use this time to fix any discomfort. 



Pisces, this season is not particularly kind. Do not let your worries become center stage. Recognize that your quirks build who you are, don’t be afraid to let them shine. Sort out your thoughts in privacy and let clarity guide your thinking. Clearer skies are ahead.