Best of the Decade: PCHS Highlights


Grace Plavocos and Maya Lopansri

Throughout the decade, Park City High School has soared high and sunk low. Looking back on the decade, here are some top moments from PCHS’s history in the past ten years.


  • Marching band traveling across the world (2019)

 The PCHS marching band traveled across the globe to perform at the 75th annual D-Day parade in Normandy, France. This once in a lifetime opportunity was in celebration of French liberation during WWII. After years of hard work, the PCHS marching band showed France how Park City does music.


  •  Girls volleyball winning state (2017)

 For the first time in school history, the 2017-2018 Park City Girls Volleyball team took 1st in the state! In previous years, the farthest the team had gotten in the state was 4th place. The girls expanded blood, sweat, and tears, and put in hours upon hours of time in the gym in hopes of reaching their goal. This win has put a target on the back of the Park City Volleyball program. 


  •  O’Connor vs. Hilary Hays (2012)

Hillary Hays got fired in 2012 and sued the Park City School District over her unlawful firing. Hays was the assistant principal of Park City High School from 1998 to 2006 and took the role of principal until 2012. She sued the district in 2013 for a breach in her contract, for $910,000 and her position back, as she stated there was no reason given to her for her firing. 2 weeks after Hays left, her position was filled with the Treasure Mountain Junior HIgh school Bob O’Connor for the 2012-2013 year. He stated he was taking a leave of absence in January of 2018, due to medical-related issues. 


  • Who’s Babi? Arbabi (2018)

 In 2018, Park City High School got a new principal, Mr. Roger Arbabi. Arbabi stepped into his new role at the beginning of August, after moving from Colombia, where he was the high school principal of the Columbus school in Medellin. Arbabi’s hopes and all are to improved programs that have already been implemented at the school and want to focus on teaching creatively, collabtricily effective communication and critical thinking. The future is looking bright at PCHS thanks to Roger Arbabi. 


  • Swine Flu Scare(2009)

Back in 2009, the small community of Park City got rippled with the swine flu. In April of 2009,  the Park City School District took emergency action and closed all 8 schools at the time after being informed that three students in the district were possibly infected with the swine flu virus. All school remained closed from around Thursday, to at least Monday, even school-related activities, like sporting events and the prom, were canceled, with the school eventually opening back up once all reported cases were clear. 


  •  Boys Golf (2019)

 Chasing after a 12th-year state title, the 2019-2020 Boys golf team broke the team’s 11-year winning streak and lost the state title. After winning 11 straight state championships, the boys moved up to 5A this year and weren’t expecting such stiff competition in region 8. Although the miners are looking forward to the next season, trying to take back their title of being undefeated.


  •  LIA Community (2018)

The leadership group Latinos in Action launch at the high school 10 years ago, since the Latino graduation rate has leaped from approximately 50 to around 85 percent. Since then, Rebeca Gonzales graduated from high school 5 years ago and is now the program manager of Bright Futures, which is a program that aims to prepare Latino students for college. In the past decade, there have been many new emerging programs in the Latino community 


  •  The Sherman Alexie controversy (2013)

In 2013, the PCHS English department chose to read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, and host author Sherman Alexie for Park City’s author-in-residence program. Although the educators had only good intentions when choosing this novel, several PCHS parents were unhappy with the fact that their children were required to read Alexie’s novel over the summer after learning of the”explicit content” it contained. 


  •  The Pepper Spray attack at PCHS (2019)

 A group of PCHS students staying after school on April 1st became victims of the Park City High pepper spray incident. The student, who was a minor at the time, pleaded guilty to releasing pepper spray in the lecture hall “with the intention to disrupt a meeting.” Out of the 14 students on the scene, one ended up in the hospital. 


  •  The English Department Reconstruction (2019)

As of 2019, the PCHS English Department got a new look. This change had a huge effect on all students, sophomores to seniors. What’s new? Unlike previous years, AP English courses are split up into semesters, where the students have to opportunity to learn from two different teachers. For sophomores in particular, rather than having the standard option between normal and honors English, a new semester course called “Sophomore Academy” has now become a requirement, leaving students to select their other semester of English.