Best of the Decade: Trends


Elena Polychronis

10. The Dab (2014)

The Dab is a dance move that defined the dance culture of the early 2010’s. It was started as a celebration by football player Cam Newton but quickly turned into the most popular dance move for the younger generation. People all across the country started to “dab” as a dance move but then it turned into something that people did just as often as waving hello. 


9. Silly Bandz (2010) 

Silly Bandz quickly took over the younger generation lives. Whether it was trading them at lunch with other kids, getting them for your birthday to add to your collection, or scouting out the “rare” ones, these bracelets defined the year of 2010. Each band had a different outline and value. Some basic ones were dolphins, but if you were lucky you got the golden phoenix which was easily the rarest one. Kids arms were filled up the elbow with silly bandz for the whole year of 2010, but quickly went out of style. 


8. Fidget Spinners (2016-2017)

This sensation of a product absolutely blew up in 2016. Kids everywhere were spinning and fidgeting their fidget spinners. Schooled banned them, and yet students just kept spinnin’. 


7. Heelys (2011) 

Heelys, a shoe that redefined transportation in the early 2010’s. Heelys came out in the year 2000 but didn’t truly make their debut until 2011. These shoes have a wheel at the bottom of the sole and people were able to glide instead of walking. These shoes took over the halls of school for a few years, students were gliding everywhere instead of walking. Heelys made their mark on the younger people of this generation, but sadly went out of style around 2014.


6. Kylie Lip Challenge/Duck Face (2015)

The classic duck face…. people pursuing and puffing their lips for pictures. This face goes hand in hand with the Kylie Lip Challenge back in 2015, when people all over the internet were puffing up their lips by sucking on cups, bottles, lids, anything they could find really. These two trends have still stuck around, resulting in bigger lips being a desired facial trait in 2019.  


5. “In My Feelings” Dance Challenge (2018)

Kiki, do you love me? “In My Feelings”, a song by Drake, became a hit in June 2018 after an Instagram comedian posted a video of himself doing a dance called the “shiggy” to the track while keeping up with a moving car. This trend instantly went viral, resulting in thousands and thousands of people posting videos of themselves dancing to the song in the same circumstances. Celebrities even joined in on the action too. Ciara, Will Smith, and Shay Mitchell, to name a few, hopped on the trend while it was still hot.


4. The Ice Bucket Challenge (2014)

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a challenge in which people would dump ice cold buckets of water over their heads to bring awareness to the disease ALS. People would film this challenge and post it on their social media and nominate three other people. This challenge lasted a few months, but just because it didn’t last very long doesn’t mean it wasn’t a huge hit. These videos took over everyone’s social media feeds for a few months and raised a lot of money and awareness for ALS.


3. Tik Tok (2019)

Tik Tok is a platform in which people of all ages can create short videos with dancing, relatable memes, cooking, etc. Many of the dance trends of this decade have been started from Tik Tok. People are able to watch and relate to videos from people all around the world. Tik Tok is easily the biggest trend of 2019, but has been big since 2017. 


2. Vine (2013)

How do make a good joke in 7 seconds? With Vine, it was possible. This app really shaped the humor of the generation of kids who grew up in the 10s. It is beloved today, and years after it was shut down, people are still uploading “RIP Vine” compilations on Youtube. Many famous stars now once started on Vine, making short, funny, and sometimes stupid videos on that app. If you walked up to anyone in 2019 and asked them to reference their favorite vine, they’d have at least 5 ready off the top of their head, and people nearby would also probably chime in when they recognized a favorite. Truly iconic.


1. Social Media


Easily the biggest trend of this decade… social media has absolutely taken over people’s lives. Instagram, the biggest, most popular photo sharing social media platform was invented in 2010, and ever since then it has only continued to grow. Snapchat quickly caught up after being created in 2011. It’s not only these two platforms that have blown up, it is every social media platform that really took off in the early 2010’s and haven’t slowed down since.