Mr.Miner 2019

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Mr.Miner 2019

Taken by Naomi Smith

Taken by Naomi Smith

Taken by Naomi Smith

Taken by Naomi Smith

Naomi Smith

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Nine senior boys, some suspect dancing, and one spectacular show. It’s the event of the year: the Mr. Miner Pageant! Coming Valentine’s Day at 7 pm, this pageant is a definite must-see. Open to all Park City High School students and community members, only one senior will be crowned Mr. Miner of 2019 at the end of the evening.


The pageant is a fundraiser for the talented PCHS Dance Company, as they will also be performing dances throughout the show and have been assisting the boys in performing.


This year’s contestants are Charlie Lowsma, Marco Zanetti, Carl Prior, Ben Agnew, Cris Mora, Isaac Foote, Liam Occon, Christian Stockwell, and Judd Ricks. These boys were chosen by students of Park City High School and are looking forward to the event. This year the theme of the pageant will be “Men of Romance” because it’s the Valentine’s Day performance.


The pageant is usually one of the last “high school experiences” for many of the seniors so the Dance Company makes the show as funny and relatable as possible.


As always, the boys are judged based on their talent, including singing, dancing, creativity, and more. They are also judged based on questions asked when they are interviewed by the picked judges, which are usually teachers. Based on these criteria, they will be crowned Mr. Miner or runner-up and so on.


Last year’s Mr. Miner was awarded to the beloved Zane Schemmer, who brought the crowd to tears of laughter performing as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  he Pageant was a huge success thanks to all the supporters, the audience, and of course, the Dance Company. There were minions, rappers, Disney characters, surfers, and many other unusual characters performing last year. The very beloved Zane Schemmer brought the crowd to tears of laughter, performing as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.


Schemmer had some good advice for the nominees this year: “Go all out and have fun. Don’t worry what other people think.” The pageant is usually one of the last “high school experiences” for many of the seniors so the Dance Company makes the show as funny and relatable as possible.


Although there are judges that judge based on certain criteria, the audience also has the option to vote for their favorite. This is known as the “Audience Favorite” and is based on how comical the performer is and how well they appeal to the audience. There is also Mr. Congeniality, which is voted for by the Dance Company, Ms. Mott, and the senior boys participating in the show. Last year, Max Strong received that award for being the “chill surfer dude” and the cast favorite.


It is going to be a must-see this year due to all the talent and acts ready to be shown. There are many acts but unfortunately, this article can only preview two of the upcoming performances as to respect the mystery and excitement for the actual performance.  


Christian Stockwell will be a big hit this year, dressing up as Troy Bolton while singing and dancing the High School Musical ballad. Stockwell describes his personality, he stated “too energetic”. This will be a great addition to PCHS’s newest member of the Wildcats, as Troy Bolton was also an energetic basketball player and singer in the movies. Hopefully, this energetic energy will be distributed amongst the crowd in hopes for a Wildcat win. When asking him what he hopes to share with Park City High School, he said, “A song that hopefully doesn’t have too many voice cracks.” Go support Christian Stockwell as the new Troy Bolton!


While there is a new basketball player in the making, Elvis Presley is making his way to town. Carl Prior will be singing and dancing in the form of one of the greatest singing legends of all time: Elvis Presley. While asking Prior what two words describe his personality, he said, “funny and kind”. Well, good thing he’s Elvis Presley because he these two guys sound a lot alike! Elvis was also known to be very kind (especially to fans) and funny in life and his music. When asking why he thought he was nominated he said, “Probably because I advertised myself on morning announcements.” Let’s hope that Prior’s performance is as funny as his spotlight on the morning announcements, no pressure Prior.


As Elvis Presley is making his hit debut at Park City High School, Austin Powers is investigating the campus. Marco Zanetti, the musically talented senior, will be performing as Austin Powers, a spy who is funny and makes people laugh. When asking what words describe his personality, he thought hard, and said, “Systematically unfit,”. Hopefully, this personality will help his performance and make it memorable and hysterical. “The rehearsals and the show are more fun than stressful,” he said when asking him whether there is pressure to perform well. It seems like Zanetti’s personality will definitely impact his performance in a good way. Go support Marco Zanetti as the sleuth of the school!


Put your party pants on for Valentine’s Day and get yourself over to the Eccles Center because it’s going to be a ball. Make sure to grab a $1 ballot to vote for your favorite act and remember to support the Dance Company. And good luck to all the contestants competing, this year will be miner-tastic!

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Mr.Miner 2019