Top Student of the Month: Kira Sincock


Kasey Kirklen, Reporter

PCHS is a school full of inspirational students whose talents exceed level excellence and expectations. Many students excel in sports, academics, art, and other areas in this school. Park City High has a mass of programs whose reputation is quite notable. The band program, most of the sports programs and arts programs.


Park City High is really dedicated to helping its students grow and find their interest early on, so they can be prepared for college and beyond. The counselors emphasize the point of, not just preparing for college, but for your career afterward. This school is a great place to learn and the students showcase that fact.


Kira Sincock, one of our many talented artists, decorates our walls with her fantastic drawings. She’s involved in one of the many fine arts programs, as well as basketball and recently tracks. Sincock’s also apart of the National Honor Society. She enjoys doing photography and music when she has some free time.


She’s been drawing for most of her life, “from coloring books to copying Pokémon cards,” she said. Drawing can be a way of expressing identity. Sincock takes her art seriously and really became in tune with her abilities in the 7th grade. She knew that she could draw early on and continuously worked harder to get better. Determination: a skill to admire.


One the “biggest moments for [her] as an artist,” she described was getting reposted in Instagram by singer, Khalid. He posted a picture that she had drawn of him on his main account on August 16 last year. The caption read ‘me irl’ and tagged Sincock on her art account. 92,751 people liked it and there are over 250 comments on the photo. She described herself as “starstruck” when she found out.


She wants to be in the illustration and entertainment arts industry, a very fitting profession for her. Kira Sincock loves what she does, and she super passionate about art. She plans to continue it throughout college even if she doesn’t go to an arts college. “I see a future where I’m doing something I love that will hopefully be loved by others as well.” She’s a creator, a true artist.