Miners Lost to Wasatch Twice!

Maya Levine and Reede Nasser

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On Friday, November 30th, the annual Park City V. Wasatch rivalry basketball game took place. Park City lost twice that night to Wasatch. During the weeks leading up to the game rumors spread about a potential fight at Alberto’s which quickly escalated to somewhat a serious threat. Much to no one’s surprise there was quite a large brawl that took place after the game. Fortunately, no one was seriously physically injured, but a few egos were definitely bruised.


However, we wanted to know who won. To be honest, authority and political figures gave us the answer where no one really won this fight. However, if you look towards the common student there was an answer. “Wasatch clapped.” Jake White, a hero amongst the fallen stated. With a 4-1 ratio that tends to be the end result. You boys tried your best!


A few students felt they needed to state a few last words that they were not able to yell at the fight. These responses fell into two distinctive tones ranging from “[w]hat a bunch of fu¢%ing pu$$!es” stated by anonymous and, “[t]oxic masculinity. Everyone wanted to fight because our societal norms are putting pressure on young boys to prove their masculinity,” perfectly put by Marco Zanetti. Which side are you on? Write and send in a paragraph to the PC Prospector at parkcityprospector@gmail.com.


As far as we know the Park City High School Resource Officer, Officer Jarman has identified the individuals in both schools and the charges are complicated, to say the least. Let’s break them down: the charge for the brawlers will be a riot charge; this means even if you didn’t start the fight everyone will be tried equally. It is up to the city to decide what their punishment will be. The SRO said they could be charged with a felony if the city wanted to take it in that direction. However, Alberto’s would like everyone to know they will not be pressing charges on anyone and they are glad no one, as far as they know, was seriously harmed.


In regards to next year, students were quick to respond that the fight will become an annual tradition; such as seniors wearing camo. However, Officer Jarman, was stern in his response stating that he will, “[s]end a crisp clear message that that behavior is not acceptable.” *Note PCHS Juniors, if you want the annual fight to continue you will have to find a way through Officer Jarmon’s determination, grit, and grace. All that the Prospector asks is that we receive a handwritten invitation to any future student displays to report on these captivating incidents.


The paper does not support fighting, we are only reporting on what is going on in Park City.