Winter Fashion

Paige Hassel, Reporter


Winter is coming, hitting us with the cold weather and icy breeze.  Big coats and thick pants are needed to last the day in this weather.  However, puffy coats aren’t flattering and your top is covered by any jacket you wear so what can you do to look fashionable in the winter months?


Many people like to look good or fashionable.


So what are some things that are in right now that you should wear?


Fashion statement pieces, such as things the items which are shiny, loud, and textured are in.  These pieces show uniqueness and will let you stand out among the leggings and Uggs this season.

For teenagers in high school, the focus is more on comfortable clothing that also shows their personality. Girls are wearing black leggings but showing their fun side with bright colored and oversized sweaters.  Boys are walking around in their blue jeans and t-shirts, but to add a pattern they wear fun flannels and beanies.


Watching men and women walking down the runway as companies start to show their winter clothing line, we see some repeats from history.  Many companies are taking inspiration from past decades. Natural brown shades made by popular in the well-known 70s, are coming back in style.


Other trends making a comeback include the crazy animal prints from the 80s.  Also, from the 90s, girls are taking inspiration from movie stars of the time with new layering techniques.  One example from the 90s that is hitting hard in a sweater with a spaghetti strap dress over.


Other trends, mainly focussing on a more feminine look on fashion, include: slouchy boots started by the Kardashians, many stones, red plaid, pastel blue, and many other things.


For the more masculine side of fashion, companies are coming out with items similar to years before.  There is not many new inspiration and trends in the men’s department.Trends include layering, plaid, caps and beanies, bomber jackets, and many others.  


One trend that is making a come back from the 50’s is leather.  From the ages of little boys to grown men, more and more males are wearing the edgy fabric of leather.  Focused on the design of jackets, leather is used for many articles of clothing.


Adults are starting to see trends that were popular in their childhood, on adolescents today.  From 50’s trends to 90’s trends.


Men and women are taking inspiration from the 50’s style of bikers and preps of the time.  Both are starting to reach out to more edgy articles of clothing such as leather jackets to keep them warm in the winter months. Polka dots are also hitting hard in women’s fashion. Taken from it being a major summer trend in the 50’s inspired dresses, made now into flowy shirts perfect for layering.


The ideas of saggy boots were originally taken from the design of the 60’s iconic gogo boots.  Fashion designers, targeting their women customers, created the fashion statement of boots that sag down to create layers in the fabric.


Major fashion icons are trying to bring back different trends for teens to start wearing, but there isn’t much success for winter wear from the 70’s.  Things such as frayed jeans ponchos may keep you warm and look cute if you style them right, but they were more popular a couple years ago.


The 80’s was a time of major fashion statement pieces, and so is 2018.  Many winter pieces in stores speak louder than words at times. They show your personality, they also showed personality in the 80’s.  Colors, textures, and prints hit the racks hard this winter for people who want to look fun and on trend.


When you look at the 90’s there weren’t many iconic looks.  Movies such as Clueless and Mean Girls gave girls the idea that they should dress like school girls and boys should dress like gangsters.  The style of school girl plaid pants and men’s loose jeans are coming back to keep you warm in the 2018-2019 winter season.


Although, these fashion trends are popular around the country in many places, not all people like these trends. “When it comes to winter fashion nothing is better than just wearing baggy clothes and a really big hoodie and just being relaxed all the time” as said by Alex Martinez. The baggy look seems to be a trend in itself.

The girls who aren’t too into fashion usually can be seen in black leggings, converse, and a big oversized hoodie.  Boys who aren’t into looking “in trend” show up to school in sweatpants and sweatshirts to stay warm especially in the cold climate of Park City.


Another piece of clothing that is popular among the students of Park City High School for boys and girls is jeans. A quote by Gabi Renola on her own personal winter fashion states, “I don’t really have a certain winter look I just wear jeans, leggings, sweatpants for pants and for shirts I just wear, t-shirts or long sleeves. Anything soft comfy and warm.


You don’t have to stick to new winter fashion trends of 2018, or the ones making a comeback this season, just be yourself.  These are some ideas to spark inspiration in your heart to reach out to different things that you probably never would have worn.


If you usually wear all black, try a bright color.  If you wear only solid colors, try to add a leopard print clutch or jacket to spice up your look.  Regardless, make sure to be expressing who you are in the months of cold weather in winter. Most importantly stay warm as the temperature drops below freezing and as snow falls to the ground.  Get those puffer coats out and enjoy the winter seasons to express your fashion in a different way.