Elon Musk Is Being Really Weird

Dylan Mabbutt, Reporter

Elon Musk is considered to be a modern-day genius by many, proven by some of his ventures. With SpaceX, Tesla, the Gigafactory, Neuralink, OpenAi, and plans for the Hyperloop, Musk has certainly shown off his wide range of intellect.


He has always been a bit odd, in December 2016, he created “The Boring Company” after being stuck in Los Angeles traffic, in order to dig underground tunnels reduce the number of cars on roads, a smart but strange idea for an average person just sitting in traffic.


Earlier this year, Musk put the “Not a Flamethrower” flamethrower up on the Boring Company store, selling for $500 each.


However, recently, the entrepreneur has acted quite oddly for a man with such high intellect. First, he shot a Tesla Roadster into space with the launch of the Falcon Heavy, however, this was a bit less strange than his most recent acts.


When a Thailand youth soccer team and their coach became stuck in a flooded cave in July, Musk proposed a plan to send in a small submarine into the cave to bring out the children one-by-one.


One of the divers, Vern Unsworth, after having removed all of the players and the coach from the cave, said that Musk’s plan would never work, and followed that by saying Musk could “stick his submarine where it hurts.”


In response to this, Musk called Unsworth a “pedo guy”. He challenged that the submarine would work, saying that he would make a video of it entering the cave, and in the following tweet, replied to this’ saying “Bet ya a signed dollar it’s true.”


Musk also challenged Unsworth’s claims, saying that he would create the submarine anyway, after the boys had already been rescued, go to the cave, and make a video proving that it would work.


He was then threatened by Unsworth, who stated that he would sue him for defamation and slander.  A month after this, no action had been taken, and Musk provoked the case, saying how it was “strange” that nothing had happened yet. Unsworth’s lawyer then provided proof of the case, stating how the diver was seeking a settlement of $75,000.


In August, Musk tweeted “[I] am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding Secured” to his almost 23 million followers. This tweet caught controversy, as it was done without the knowledge of the Tesla board, and he, in fact, did not have the funding to do this, contrary to what he said. The tweet caused the stock to raise six percent which was considered stock manipulation and resulted in Musk and Tesla each having to pay $20 million each in a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. AS well as this, Musk had to resign as the chairman of CEO for 3 years and the addition of two new, outside additions to the board.


Musk was interviewed by Joe Rogan in early September and expanded more on his personal life and career. However, the main talking point on this live stream was when he smoked weed (legal in California, where it was filmed) and drank whiskey. He also explained how his idea of making Tesla private was not created while he was under the influence of marijuana.


On October 22, Musk tweeted “I heart anime”, and then later “And I own a chibi Wolverine”. Earlier in the month, he responded to a fake article saying that he bought Fortnite and deleted it, saying that it “Had to be done ur welcome.” Just typical CEO behavior.


Despite his many faults and lack of social aptitude, the mad scientist, Musk, does do some good. Last month, he pledged to donate about $500,000 to create better water filtration systems in Flint, Michigan, where clean water has been scarce since 2014. As well as these efforts, Musk is also dedicated to providing clean and renewable energy to the world and pioneering innovations into space.