Back to School with Teachers

Ally Horowitz, Reporter

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The first day of school is a love – hate relationship. Saying goodbye to summer is always hard, but somehow going to football games and back to school pep rallies almost makes up for the hard goodbye.


Students constantly hear peers complaining about going back to school. However, what do teachers feel about back to school? Are they nervous for the school year? Excited? Nervous? The Prospector asked a few of our PCHS teachers \how they felt about back-to-school-season, and these were their responses:


“I love the energy that students bring to the high school,” veteran teacher, Mrs. Pinkney said “That is what keeps me coming back. I’m excited to come back and interact with students. I’m constantly learning.”


When asked what she’s least excited for this up and coming school year, she replies“I’m least excited for the early morning wake-up at 5:30 AM. I’m an owl not a lark, so a later start time would be AWESOME!”


That makes both of us Mrs. Pinkney.


Mrs. Baltzan interviewed with The Prospector as well, “The first day of school is always a little awkward for me because we only have 30+ minutes with the students, which isn’t enough time to do anything of value, especially in terms of getting to know each other.”


Most students can relate: those first day of school “icebreakers” don’t really break the ice.


Like many teachers and students, Mrs. Baltzan is excited for the new school year.


Next, I interviewed returning teacher Mrs, Obrien. “On the first day of school I honestly think I am more nervous than the students. I have 162 student names to learn and 162 personalities I want to connect with. It’s exciting but so nerve-wracking at the same time.” She states


When asked what she’s least excited for she states “I am least excited for the end of the quarter when students want to know what they can do to bump up their grade.” I think every teacher is on the same page as you Mrs. O’brien. And addressing that last statement, students… take notes.


“I’m sure this will be the best year so far!!” Returning teacher Mr. Nordfelt saids. When asked about how the back to school season makes him feel he replied “Excited! I get nervous with anticipation that builds until the first day then I feel better, but still excited.”


“The Park City High School community has created such a supportive and welcoming environment for new teachers. I’m happy I found my forever teaching home at PCHS.  It doesn’t get much better than this.” States Mrs. Goette, a new teacher to PCHS.


When asked how she felt on the first day of school she replies “I probably felt a lot like the sophomores – a little nervous, anxious, and excited.” I have never heard truer words Mrs. Geotte. Finally, to finish her interview off, I asked what she was least excited for,, for which she replied “The 3-legged race at the welcome assembly”, where she sprained her ankle.


Although it is unclear whether the teachers I interviewed are actually optimistic about the new school year, I think that many can agree that back to school is bittersweet. At the beginning of the school year, miner pride is at its peak, and there is nothing more fun than going to the annual HOCO football game. But at the same time, I think that it is well decided that waking up at 6:00 every morning isn’t something that we all look forward to.


I feel confident saying that stress throughout the school year goes across the board, and that teachers dislike grading the tests and homework that are assigned almost as much as we hate doing them.


Although it will truly be unknown how teachers really feel about back to school, I think many can agree that whether you’re a student or a teacher school has its up and downs. No matter how we really feel about school we are all stuck here until next summer. So why not enjoy it while it lasts!