Who Are We? #NicestSeniorClass

Reede Nasse4r, Editor

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For the majority of time spent here in these hallways, our class has always been told we were second best. We aren’t as loud. Aren’t as spirited. Not as big or competitive. But if there is one thing that we’ve always been top dog at it’s the fact that we have been waiting for this year since Treasure. Senioritis seemed to hit this class pretty early. We have counted down the minutes, class periods, days until the end. Until we put on our gowns and walk across that stage.


245 days till we are done. We are no longer Miners. Manny stays behind and we leave. We put down our pickaxes and pick up our diplomas. Maybe there will be days, when we wish we were a miner again.


Class of 2019, we’ve made it. As cliche as it sounds, somehow the majority of us got here rather unscathed. Yet, we find ourselves in a spot every class before us has had to cross. What mark will we leave on our school? Our legacy has been defined for us by our very own, Judd Ricks. Nicest Senior Class.


Does that mean no more tagging faces at the homecoming football game? A senior prank that mess won’t mess with the underclassmen? Cars not getting keyed if a junior finds their way into the Senior lot? No longer yelling the ‘oh so rhythmic’ sophomore chant? (The Prospector would like to note that they are not supporting this chant.)  We don’t take cheap shots at each other just because we want a good laugh? We respect what the other’s pour their time into? Do we want to be unified?


I challenge us this year, Class of 2019, to take this legacy and run with it. To be patient when it comes to parking. To be level headed during finals weeks. To be kind to one another. Because if this year is going to be our year, we might as well as make the most of it.


Though we have a lot to learn about being kind to one another. What you will find, is a mutual level of respect to and from every senior. I could try my best to explain this phenomenon that is coming from the Class of 2019 but Student Body President does it best. Charlie Lowsma comments, “Our senior class has an individuality that has never quite been expressed in our school… Our grade has the ability to respect each other no matter what. No matter our opinions, our appearances or our beliefs. The Seniors of 2019 have learned to get along and accept each other, no matter who we are.”


I understand the irony of this piece, since two articles are recognizing the rather large debate this class had over school pictures. Here I am writing that we are unified and kind. But what I got from those paragraphs, was that people felt comfortable enough to share their beliefs, speak up and speak out. It’s that comfort that will carry us to be the Nicest Senior Class. We allow everyone to be who they are. It’s this acceptance that will allow for the kindness and cognition of others to build for this class.


And if Nicest Senior Class isn’t our legacy, what is?