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Christian Armstrong
Christian joined the PCHS journalism team in 2018 of his high school senior year in order to further hone in his own writing skills. It was during his sophomore year where he would discover an apparent talent for writing in his 11th and 10th english classes. Aside from that, he likes to game on his home built PC rig and travel to other areas of the country (or international) whenever the opportunity arises. Whenever doing the latter, he is always most excited about the food opportunities, possibly stemming from his father’s occupation in fine cooking. In turn, Christian occasionally joins in on his father’s cooking sessions at home (though neither him or Christian would want the latter to pursue a career in that field). As a compliment to his easy-going nature, he also likes to tune in to some music flowing out of his recently bought turntable, and as a result, tends to pace around to the different sounds and feelings that stem through. He also has a passion for history, as he ends up fascinated by the stories of individuals and groups, and how we as a society got to where we are.

Christian Armstrong, Reporter

Jan 29, 2019
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Oct 30, 2018
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