Who let “Cats” Out of the Trash Bag?


Michael Pogudin

As many PCHS students predicted prior to its release, the film “Cats,” directed by Tom Hooper, was not the smashing cinematic success that it was supposed to be. In fact, many critics around the country have deemed it “one of the worst movies of the year.” 


Despite the star-studded cast, “Cats” has turned out to be a mindless musical movie with a poorly executed plot line. 


Cats was originally a Broadway musical, written and composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber from a series of poems written by T.S. Eliot in 1939. The original musical didn’t have much of a plot either, so we can’t blame that on the movie. 


Beyond the terrifying and cringe CGI of the cats, one finds it hard to even begin to comprehend what is happening in the movie with the random musical numbers, poor jokes, and lack of character development. 


Rebel Wilson and James Cordon both play cats whose only purpose in the movie is to simply deliver slapstick lines involving fatness and laziness between musical numbers. 


These two dull characters seem as though they were put there as a plot filler about as lazy as their characters are in the movie. 


Around half-way around the movie one cannot help but kind of give up on understanding whatever morals or plot line in the film. It simply turns into a bunch of nightmare cats jumping around on screen. 


This opinion is also shared by many students at PCHS. 


Sophomore Kat Ward said, “Kat Ward: “It was kind of disturbing, gave me nightmares, made me realize Jason Derulo wasn’t talented.” 


And if that isn’t enough, Sophomore Dorian Pulhman had an even harsher take on the film, saying, “It sucked. It was a furry movie and was cringe.” Aptly put, Dorian, aptly put. 


The movie was recently withdrawn from theaters to add some better CGI. This comes as no surprise as the director commented during the premiere that he had finished editing the night before and rushed most of the process. 


Perhaps its re-release will provide audience members with a more bearable movie, but that remains to be seen. 


Currently, “Cats” has grossed 2.8 million dollars, barely beginning to cover its 100 million dollar budget. 


And at its current rate, it seems unlikely that this film will ever cover the costs.