As Life Goes on at PCHS, Turkey Attacks Kurds


Michael Pogudin

Within the walls of PCHS, few students seem to know about the ongoing Turkish and Syrian war, one that affects hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians half-way across the world. 


The war has been going on for several months after Turkey launched an invasion to attack Syrian Kurds. 


When asked what he knew about the ongoing war, Sophomore Alec Furshman said, “Nothing!” 


The same response was given by Sophomore Ryan Su. 

“I do not know anything about it,” said Su. 


In fact, none of the persons interviewed even had a clue about the war. 


Some interviewed students did, however, have an opinion on what the level of involvement the U.S. should have in foreign wars. 


“I think that we should actually stay out of it. They can just do their own stuff and we don’t need to get involved,” Su commented. 


On the other hand, Junior Jacob Samuels explained that the U.S. should become involved based on the circumstances. 


“(Whether or not to fight) depends on the country. But I think we should always be open to help others out and give them aid. But it depends,” he said. 


Alec Furshman had a slightly different view on the matter then Su and Samuels. 


“I think we should send a lot of Ryans, and a lot of Kyles, and a lot of Naruto Runners. All of them. Just like Area 51. We are gonna do it again. 2020. America invading other wars! That’s how we do it,” he said. 


It seems that most students at PCHS do not really understand the severity of the situation. 


Over the past few months, a few key events took place regarding the war. 


Along the Turkish and Syrian borders in the Middle East, tensions have been rising between Turkish forces and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (a Syrian militia that rose to power after the civil war that took place there 8 years ago). 


The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (KWP) is in association with another militia that focused on causing chaos within Turkey. Because of this, and due to the KWP’s close location to the Turkish border, Turkey’s government feels threatened by the organization. 


Despite efforts by the U.S. and partly due to President Trump’s choice to remove troops from the border of Syria and Turkey, the pot has finally boiled over and Turkey has now launched a massive invasion upon northern Syria.


After removing U.S. troops from the area, President Trump raised tariffs on Turkish steel in an attempt to stop the assault lead by Ankara’s military. 


In response, Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that they will cease-fire for the time being. Shortly after this, however, Turkey’s military launched a new attack on the Kurds. 


Both Democrats and Republicans are criticizing the president for not reinstating the tariffs due to Turkey’s disobedience, calling it a “gift to Erdoğan” and fueling his military actions. 


As of recent, it appears that Ankara is trying to take the town of Tal Tamar, a would-be great stronghold with strategic position for ongoing conflict. If Turkey continuous to pursue Tal Tamar, it would be in direct violation of several truces with the U.S. and Moscow. 


Turkey is also undergoing an investigation controlled by the UN for using chemical weapons such as white phosphorus against children in Syrian towns earlier this week. 


The fact of the matter is, both the U.S. and Russia want an all-out ceasefire in the area. Neither Turkey nor Syria is budging and seem to want to continue the conflict. 


Because of all the fighting between the countries, over 300,000 civilians have been displaced from their homes and around 80 killed innocents in the battles and the war has no sign of ending any time soon. 


It is important that PCHS students know about world events such as these. By being aware of the world around them, they can begin to understand that there are places that need help to fix themselves. 


The first step towards offering help to those who need it is being aware of the situation and the problems that the people face.